About Us

Oddball Views is born from a desire to express an "off the beaten path" perspective. We’ve always looked at things from a different angle compared to most people.

We tend to take an opposite tack on a subject; i.e. - in high school English class in 12th grade, the class was asked to write an essay on someone that was a ‘friend”. Just about everyone wrote about a friend in a positive way, but I wrote about someone that I did not like very much and did not trust. Not sure why, but it seemed like an acquaintance that could provide a lot of material. (Which it did.)
We like to see the less popular point of view getting some exposure and consideration, without being put down or crushed simply because it may not be in step with the accepted or current norm. Just because a point of view is ‘out there’ does not mean that it’s wrong or intolerable – it’s just different.
We like to be contrary and stir things up. Don't go along just to get along. Besides, it brings in new ideas and views to the conversation. Gotta grow, otherwise you stagnate.
We started this business because we want to be in control of our own time / schedule, and provide a way for others out there to be true to themselves. We this would be one way of reducing the stresses and aggravations life might bring.
We want to share our artwork with people of a like mind, and we want to have fun doing so. This artwork can bring a smile to someone’s face and joy to those around us. It can also be a way to start a conversation with a stranger (or stir up some controversy); and maybe make people laugh for a moment.
We want to provide a means for people to stand out from the crowd; express a differing point of view; or even dare to be different from their peers / neighbors. It will also help them bring some color to their lives – fun and joy.
Shoot us message if you have any questions, or just want to get something off your chest - we'd love to hear from you!
Thanks for looking.