Happy Halloween!

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Halloween ain’t what it used to be…

“All Hallows Eve”

all hallows eve, halloween, scary, pumpkins, goblins, wacky, twisted

I grew up in a neighborhood surrounded by many apartment buildings as well as some spots of attached row houses. When it came time to go trick or treating, I would end up going home to drop off a full bag of crap and get a new one to head back out. My friends and I would hit every apartment we could within 6 or 7 square blocks. We ended up with a shitload of candy!

I highly doubt it’s still the same, as society has become really twisted and contentious. A lack of trust has really put a damper on what used to be a great “holiday”.    

Most kids wore costumes from the Woolworth’s store or some place similar. The ones that were made from really cheap nylon and would tear from a stiff wind, along with a plastic mask that made it difficult to see or breathe. They looked so ridiculous, but we all still had a ball! Then we would spend the next day comparing our hauls and trading stuff we didn’t like for stuff we wanted.

Some kids were lucky enough to be creative (or have creative parents), and they went out with great original costumes; fake blood and torn skin, a knife sticking out from the top of the head, leaking brains or guts – you get the idea. My creativity, as shown above, came much later in life. Oh well. I guess its just taken this long to percolate, along with my ability to demonstrate it.

Thanks for reading.

Do you have any Halloween memories you’d like to share? maybe something or someone scared the hell out of you at a Halloween party, or you had some kind of paranormal event happen to you on Halloween? Leave us a comment!

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  • Deanna on

    Such great memories!

  • Gus on

    I agree Halloween was a much more fun holiday for kids back then. Most of the commercial costumes were made by Ben Cooper, Inc. His iconic designs are still in demand today. All I see now our posts by friends with kids for trunk or treat, which seems to be the trend. Halloween is still my favorite holiday. Great blog post!

  • Paul Warren on

    Loved it .
    Took me back to being a kid .
    Cold nights dressed up as Ghouls and witches resulting in mild criminal damage when a homeowner refused to hand out treats .
    Look forward to reading more.

  • Guy Kettelhack on

    What a joy! We’re overdue for something like this from you!

  • Alina McElroy on

    I remember those halloweens as well!! Good times.

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